About Us

Mortgage123 is growing rapidly because of demand! Our clients are seeking new mortgages and realizing significant savings from switching their mortgages to a new provider through Mortgage123.

Furthermore, our unfailing professionalism in advising clients on the most suitable mortgage for their needs has earned us the reputation of ‘One Broker, All Banks’. This means that our Mortgage123 brokers deal with all the banks, so that you don’t have to!

Our Mortgage Advisors are fully qualified and experienced in leading you through the mortgage journey. Literally, they manage each case from underwriting, processing applications, handling clients’ post-application to cheque issue and ‘Bottle of bubbly’ celebration. Thus, they make our clients’ dreams come true!
In response to business growth, we recently employed three Trainee Mortgage Advisors who are learning the trade and helping the Mortgage123 Advisors.


Meet The Team




Eamon Lynch – Managing Director




Darragh O’Sullivan- Expat Mortgage Manager




Sean Corbett- Residential Mortgage and Commercial Finance Manager




Lisa McLoughlin- Mortgage Team Leader




Aisling McNamara- Mortgage Advisor




 Philomena Quaid- Mortgage Advisor




Mark Plunkett- Mortgage Advisor




Cian O’Brien- Mortgage Case Manager




 Vicky Corbett- Mortgage Case Manager






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