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Handy Kitchen Storage Tips

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Making use of an empty tissue box, by filling it with bags for your dustbin or shopping bags will tidy the place up!

(And get rid of the overflowing bags of bags some of us stash in the cupboards)







Using coat hangers can free up space in kitchen cupboards and counter tops, by allowing you to hang colanders and pots on the walls!






Hanging Spice Racks are a handy space saver.







Putting shelves into cupboards lets you fit more, instead of dangerously stacking plates/bowls and canned goods on top of each other. These ones are from IKEA.








We just love these organiser drawers for the fridge! We found these on Ali Express!


Best Mortgage Deals, October 2018

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Mortgage deals

Mortgage deals October, 2018

October is so far one of the best months for mortgage deals. The Mortgage123 team is constantly monitoring the mortgage market to put you in the most favourable position for a mortgage application. There are many variables which determine the mortgage rate and deal which will be best for each applicant, but some of the highlights this month include:

  • Lowest interest rate – 2.3% fixed for 2 years, based on 90% LTV. This offer includes €1,500 cash back and a free valuation
  • Best variable rate – 2.75%
  • Best deal for mortgage switchers – 2% cash back towards legal fees

For more information, download the Mortgage123 Guide or come see us at the Selfbuild Live Show, Millstreet, Cork, 10th-11th November, 2018.

Tiny Bathroom Decoration Tips

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Tiny Bathroom Decoration Tips


Instead of cramming bottles on the edge of the bath, Insert a second shower pole near the wall. S-hooks keep loofahs and small caddies out of the way (and not falling all over the place).





Add shelving over a toilet. It may be the perfect place for bathroom essentials and also adds a nice slick touch to the look of the place.






Makeup and small toiletries can make the bathroom look messy. Why not try this cool design look of hanging jars on a board?






Wine racks can make great towel holders!









Who doesn’t love the beach? Adding driftwood and sea-shells to a bathroom mirror can add a seaside touch to your bathroom, also, fill jars with sand and shells to finish the look.





Self Build Cork 2018

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Self Build Live Cork


We are delighted to announce we will be attending Self Build Live Cork, on the 10th and 11th of November!

Come long to the show and meet the team!

With such a great turn out at the Dublin show in September, we are very happy to be joining the convention again.



The 2 Types Of People Who Should Switch Their Mortgage Provider In 2018

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Switching your mortgage is quickly becoming a popular way to save money.

Most people think switching their mortgage is a complicated and stressful process.

Want some good news?

It’s easier than you think. Like, way easier than you think.

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Rising house prices are a concern for many. But they may bring relief to thousands of people who are currently paying too much on their mortgages.

Mortgage holders are fully aware that they must make regular repayments on their mortgage. What most of them don’t know is that they don’t have to stay with the same mortgage provider for the duration of their loan, and that switching their mortgage provider can save them thousands over the course of their mortgage.

What’s more, for people who took out mortgages after 2011, rising house prices make it very likely that they can now get a reduced rate by switching.

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