An Expat, Looking for a Mortgage at Home?


There are 2 options available to you as an Expat

Option 1

“ A Mortgage for an Irish person who is working and living abroad, and looking to purchase a property back in Ireland as either. A)  a holiday home or B) With a view to moving back to Ireland to live in the property in the short to medium term”.

65% Loan to Value available

Rates from 2.75%

Option 2*

“ A Mortgage for a Irish person abroad who is looking to purchase an investment property only with the intention to rent the property and not live in themselves “

65% Loan to Value available

15 year Interest Only option available

Rates from 5.49 %

*For Option 2, this mortgage must be done through a company SPV (special purpose vehicle)  and is not available to individuals.


Reasons to apply now:

  • If you return to Ireland, you will need a minimum of 12 months in full-time permanent employment before you can apply for a mortgage.
  • In Ireland, a lot of auctioneers will not accept a offer bid on a property unless evidenced mortgage approval is shown
  • ESRS (economic and social research institute) government report predicts house prices to rise by 20% by 2020
  • Schooling & third level planning


For more information on the above, contact;

Darragh O’Sullivan- Mortgage Manager

00353 – 86 – 7246563

00353 – 61- 513076


  • Darragh is head of Mortgage123, the mortgage division of the award winning Irish financial services company IPS Financial Advice.
  • He began his career with Bank of Ireland as an Insurance & Investments Manager. Then he branched out in becoming a mortgage broker.
  • He has over 13 years experience mortgage brokering in Ireland dealing with all the banks in the Irish mortgage market. For the past year, he has specialised in helping numerous ex-pats in the Middle East and other countries, obtain mortgages to purchase properties back in Ireland.


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