How to find your Building Energy Rating (BER) and BER Certificate

A current 2024 trend in the Irish mortgage market are the so called ‘green rates’ for mortgages. Lenders are rewarding borrowers for purchasing homes with good energy rating, with green fixed rates over 1% lower than leading market rates. Furthermore, in April Bank of Ireland introduced the EcoSaver mortgage providing varying mortgage rate discounts across all energy ratings.

Most new builds will be built with high energy rating in mind. However, an older building might not be built to that standard. Hence, it is important to find out your rating.

Wondering does your house qualify for a mortgage rate discount? We are here to help!

BER Certificate: What is a Building Energy Rating (BER)?

A Building Energy Rating (BER) rates your home’s energy performance on a scale between A and G. A BER makes the energy performance of a home visible to prospective buyers and tenants allowing them to take energy performance into consideration in their purchase or rental decision.

What is a good BER rating?

A-rated homes are highly energy efficient homes, while G-rated homes are least energy efficient.

How can I check my BER?

Click the link below for a short step-by-step guide on how you can find your Building Energy Rating (BER). There is a dedicated website which provides efficient support in finding your property energy rating. All you need is your Electricity bill and address of the property.

BER Certificate



What if I lose my BER Certificate?

If you can’t find your BER Certificate and want to know what your BER rating is, you can click here to find your BER and enter your BER number or MPRN number from your electricity bill or meter. You will then be provided with a copy of your BER and advisory report, not the actual certificate.

To get a duplicate copy of your BER Certificate, you can contact the on 1890 734 237 or contact the original BER Assessor who provided it (their contact details are on the BER report).

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