Long-term Fixed Rates
Long-term fixed rates have been a hot topic since the announcement by Finance Ireland that they are introducing 10, 15
House Renovations
The house you are buying needs house renovations – so how do you fund these renovations?  There are various ways
House Renovations
Firstly, congratulations on getting this far to buying a house! You have managed to get your mortgage approval in principle,
Switch & Save on your Mortgage
Switch mortgage providers – does it make sense? With mortgage rates as low as 1.95%, switching mortgage providers is becoming
Mortgage Exceptions
Mortgage exceptions or exemptions are a hot topic now as house prices are not going down and demand is remaining
Property Auction gaval hammer and books
With the current property shortage and a record number of buyers, people are looking at every way to enter the
Public Sector Mortgages
Are you a Public Sector Employee? More and more lenders are providing specialist mortgages to public sector employees with crucial
Help to Buy Scheme 2020
Important changes were made to the Help to Buy scheme that are now in effect since July 23rd and valid
Get Fast Mortgage Approval (How it Works)   1. Welcome to the Fully Online, Paperless Mortgage Application Portal Here at
Saving For Your Mortgage Deposit
Whether you are buying your first home or your second, saving for your mortgage deposit can be a challenging hurdle
Mortgage Exceptions
In times of working from home, pay cuts and temporary layoffs, life still must have some sort of normality. What
Mortgage Interest Rates
1. What Started the Mortgage Price War? In January, Ulster bank introduced a 10-year fixed rate and reduced their “High
Switch & Save on your Mortgage
1. The problem with not switching is you don’t make savings! Over 80% of Standard Variable Rate Mortgage holders could
Home improvement loans
1. Home Improvement Loans for Your Renovation and Extension Plans If home improvements are already on your new year’s resolution
Help to Buy Scheme Mortgages
1. What Help to Buy Scheme is available to First Time Buyers in Ireland? The Help to Buy scheme is
Selfbuild Show Dublin 2019
Selfbuild Show Dublin is the ultimate showcase for people who are building, extending, improving or simply decorating their home. Visitors are
Tracker mortgage scandal
The tracker mortgage scandal has been going on for nearly 20 years. It rekindled in the past couple of months
Credit Union Mortgages
Credit Union mortgages have attracted media attention since October 2018 when the Central Bank commenced a public consultation for review
How to Get a Mortgage
How to get a mortgage? Mortgage123’s Sales Director Sean Corbett was a guest on Phoenix FM, Blanchardstown on Wed, 5th
Prepare for Mortgage Application
How to prepare for mortgage application? Deciding to buy your first home is a massive decision – But once you’ve

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Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

Why use a mortgage broker

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