Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Rates March 2020

ProviderKBC CA Offer*
Residential Homeloan Rates
Maximum LTV90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90%90%90%90%
Variable Green Mortgage Discount1 Yr DiscC/A
Note: KBCI New Business rates apply to First Time Buyer, Mover & Switcher mortgages
Standard Variable Rate4.25%4.05%3.15%3.15%3.15%4.5%4.5%4.3%N/A3.7%
FixedGreen Mortgage Discount**C/A
1 year <90%2.7%2.5%3.15%3.15%N/A2.9%2.7%3.20% (3.30%>80%)N/AN/AN/AN/A2.9%
2 year <60%2.45%2.25%3.15%3.15%N/A2.9%2.7%3.2%N/A2.3% N/AN/A2.9%
2 year 60%-80%2.5%2.3%3.15%3.15%N/A2.9%2.7%3.3%N/A2.3% N/AN/A2.9%
2 year 80%-90%2.5%2.3%3.15%3.15%N/A2.9%2.7%3.6%N/A2.3% N/AN/A2.9%
3 year <60%2.45%2.25%2.55%2.55%2.45%3%2.8%2.80% (2.65%>250k)N/AN/AN/A2.35%2.9%
3 year 60%-80%2.5%2.3%2.55%2.55%2.5%3%2.8%2.85% (2.7%>250k)N/AN/AN/A2.4%2.9%
3 year 80%-90%2.55%2.35%2.55%2.55%2.6%3%2.8%2.9%N/AN/AN/A2.65%2.9%
4 yearN/AN/A2.45%2.45%N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A2.6% N/AN/A2.9% (<90%)
5 year Green MortgageN/AN/A2.50%******N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
5 year <60%2.6%2.4%2.55%2.55%2.4%3.0% (2.5%>400k)2.8%2.9% (2.75%>250k)N/A2.6%N/A2.4%2.9%
5 year 60%-80%2.65%2.45%2.55%2.55%2.45%3.0% (2.5%>400k)2.8%2.95% (2.8%>250k)N/A2.6% (2.2%>300k)N/A2.45%2.9%
5 year 80%-90%2.7%2.5%2.55%2.55%2.6%3.0% (2.5%>400k)2.8%3%N/A2.6%N/A2.8%2.9%
7 year <60%N/AN/A3.15%3.15%N/AN/AN/A2.9%N/A2.99%N/A2.95%N/A
7 year 60%-80%N/AN/A3.15%3.15%N/AN/AN/A3.0%N/A2.99%N/A3.4%N/A
7 year 80%-90%N/AN/A3.15%3.15%N/AN/AN/A3.15%N/A2.99%N/A3.6%N/A
10 year <60%3.05%2.85%3.3%3.3%N/A3.3%3.1%N/AN/A2.95%N/AN/AN/A
10 year 60%-80%3.19%2.99%3.3%3.3%N/A3.3%3.1%N/AN/A2.95%N/AN/AN/A
10 year 80%-90%3.4%3.2%3.3%3.3%N/A3.5%3.3%N/AN/A3.15%N/AN/AN/A
Note: The Current Account discount of 0.20% carries to the relevant roll off rate. KBC's New Business Fixed rates roll off to the New Business LTV variable rates.
Buy to Let
<50% Variable 4.5%N/A4.85%N/A3.75%*****4.60%N/A4.80%***N/A4.50%****N/A3.75%*****N/A
>50% Variable4.8%N/A4.85%N/A3.95%*****4.80%N/A5.05%***N/A4.95%****N/A3.95%*****N/A
3 Year Fixed5.25%N/A5.95%N/AN/AN/AN/A4.65%***N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
5 Year Fixed5.25%N/A6.35%N/AN/A5.10%N/A4.85%***N/A5.40%****N/AN/AN/A

* BOI: BOI customers with a balance of >€400k have the option to not avail of cashback in return for a 50bps discount on their 5 year fixed rate only - can be combined with 20bps Green Mortgage discount.

** Green Mortgage Discount only available for fixed rate customers. Green Mortgage Discount only available for the initial fixed period - property must have a BER rating of A3 or better. BTL Fixed Rate quoted = 50%-75% LTV Band.

*** PTSB: Buy to Let rate quoted is 60%-75% LTV

**** Ulster Bank: BTL Fixed Rate quoted are 60%-70% LTV. ˆFor CBI non-exception business only.

***** Finance Ireland: BTL <50% rate quoted is for <=60% LTV,  <50% rate quoted is for 60%-70% LTV

*Incorporates a 0.20% discount on the equivalent new business rate. To avail of this offer, the applicant must have a Primary KBC current account, to which their salary is mandated and their monthly mortgage direct debit is paid from. For fixed rate mortgages, the 0.20% discount is also applied to the relevant LTV roll off rate.

AIB Green Mortgage available to new and existing customers with a BER rating between A1 & B3, also available to Top-Up customers to retrofit their homes and bring BER rating to between A1 & B3.

All provider rates correct and effective as at 27.02.2020

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