Get Fast Mortgage Approval (How it Works)

1. Welcome to the Fully Online, Paperless Mortgage Application Portal

Here at Mortgage123, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve the service we provide to mortgage applicants. The latest step in this direction is our new fast track mortgage approval service powered by Credit Logic.


The new fully online platform allows you to keep track of your mortgage application through each step towards completion. Applicants no longer need to worry about posting off documents to advisors, allowing for a greener application process. Here at Mortgage123, we pride ourselves on our efforts in becoming more environmentally friendly. A paperless application process has been a huge goal of ours, which we are excited to have achieved. So what are the benefits of the new fast track approval portal?

2. Benefits


The time it takes to complete and submit your application through our new fully online service is second to none. Eliminating the process of having to send financial documents in the post and gathering information via email or phone has significantly reduced the time it takes to complete your mortgage application. Thanks to our new fast track approval service, mortgage applications can now be completed in just 20 minutes.

Control & Ease of Use

The service gives applicants control to complete the mortgage application in a time frame that suits them. Although the application can be completed in just 20 minutes, applicants can complete each section in their own time. Each section of the application outlines the information and documents that are required very clearly.

While the online service allows you to fully complete the application by yourself, each applicant is assigned a designated broker if they need any help. Should you need any help when filling out the application, feel free to contact your assigned broker directly through the online messaging box on the system.

Green Aspect

Businesses go through boxes upon boxes of paper each month, not to mention the paper that is used by clients to send important documents in the post. Our new Fast Track Approval service will significantly reduce Mortgage123’s paper consumption, and we encourage those eligible for the service to opt for our fully online application portal instead of our online form. We all must do our part to help save the environment for a greener and brighter future.


3. How the Service Works


Your Own Account to Track Application

After creating your digital account, your allocated broker will contact you within 24 hours. The system enables applicants to complete the stages in their own time, and when it is most convenient for them. Applicants can track their progress through the status bar as they complete each stage. There are five sections which on average applicants can complete in just 16 minutes with all relevant documents at hand.

Convenient Document Upload

You can upload PDF, Word, or picture files to support your application. The assigned broker will be notified as an applicant uploads the required documents in each section. Documents are reviewed by the broker on a step by step basis to make sure everything is in order. The broker will offer feed back if more information is needed or if additional documentation is required. Check the Document check list at the end of the article.

Message Your Advisor Straight from Your Account

Should you need any help going through the different stages of your application, you can message your assigned mortgage advisor directly in the online messaging box on the system. Alternatively, if you would prefer you can talk to your broker over the phone or arrange a meeting via Zoom and have them walk you through the application process.

After completing all five sections with your approved documents, you will then be contacted by your assigned broker. The broker will go over the application with you before going forward and signing contracts via DocuSign. Once you have signed the contracts, you will be on your way to Fast Track Approval and your future home.

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