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Switching to Save?

Why Stick With The Same Old Bank?

If you got out a mortgage some time ago, it may be likely that you can switch to a much better rate without incurring any switcher costs.

There are 300,000 mortgage customers on high standard variable rates. These customers can potentially save thousands of euro over the remaining term of their mortgage by switching mortgage provider. Switching is relatively easy and in some cases, free. Many lenders are willing to contribute up to €2000 toward the cost of switching.

Want the best mortgage? Switch to save now!

Typical Savings for a Mortgage123 Client:

€175 Per Month

Join the gang to switch and save!


  • 2% or €3000 Cashback
  • 2% Reduction on monthly payments
  • Rates as low as 2.75% pa.
  • Fixed Legals- €750 + VAT + Outlay

Here are some things you should ensure are in order to be in with a better chance to switch and save:

    • You are not in negative equity, meaning, your property is not worth less than your mortgage.
    • Ensure you have good credit history, just like when you were a first-time buyer. Make sure that you have maintained your mortgage up to the current date.
    • There are a lot of costs to be aware of such as legal costs, valuation fees, to name a few. Some banks may offer to cover these costs as part of the deal. At Mortgage123, we will make sure there are no hidden costs, so make sure you call us before you commit to anything.

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